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Move into Your Writing with Quan Dao

(featuring Marina Diané)

When: Monday, February 14, 2022 from 9-10am Pacific /

11-12pm Central /

12-1pm Eastern / 6-7pm Central European

Where: Online, via Zoom


"When our bodies freeze up, our pens go icy, too."
- John Lee, Writing from the Body

As writers, we often underestimate the role our bodies play in our creative process.


While it's vital for us to get our butts in the chair, all those hours sitting at our desks can contribute to unclear thinking and low energy levels.


In this workshop, we'll learn about Quan Dao: a simple but powerful set of movements designed to increase energy and focus—and help break through creative Resistance.



This workshop is for you if...

...you struggle to find the energy to move forward with your writing.

...you have trouble focusing when you're trying to put words on the page.

...you're looking for an easy (and quick!) way to incorporate movement into your writing ritual.

...you want to balance the hemispheres of your brain and clear the path for your creative work.





How it works

After a brief introduction, health educator and Quan Dao expert Marina Diané will lead us to through a series of basic Quan Dao movements—and explain how they can support our creative process.


(Note: If you can climb a set of stairs, you can do Quan Dao. Also, you don't need any special preparation or equipment—just a bit of space to move your arms and legs.)


We'll also do some free writing and observe how these physical movements affect our quality of mind.


Finally, we'll reserve time for questions and discuss how to integrate Quan Dao into our writing practice.



What you'll gain

  • Ideas to help you move through creative Resistance 
  • The motivation to return to the page
  • A powerful, easily applicable tool to support your writing process



There is no fee for this workshop, and there are just 15 spots available.


Click here to reserve yours.


Can't make the workshop? Sign up here to be the first to know about upcoming workshops.




About Marina Diané

A Latvian-born Russian and German citizen, Marina moved to Berlin in 2015 after several years working in the US. Originally a civil engineer, she has spent nearly a decade as a certified health educator who is passionate about helping people find balance and focus in their professional and creative lives. Learn more: https://www.business-health.com/de (in German)



About me

I'm an internationally published author, editor, and writing coach who's passionate about helping people deepen their writing practice and finish their books. In addition to having written for The Guardian, NPR Berlin, and New York magazine, I'm the creator of Taxi Gourmet, an award-winning blog that's generated media coverage in major outlets including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and the BBC. 

My first book, Driving Hungry (Vintage, 2016), is a travelogue that "recalls [Hemingway's] A Moveable Feast," according to Canada's National Post. O, The Oprah Magazine, called it "sparkling." I'm currently writing a novel.